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You are about to discover the unique DNA make up and exact canine heritage of your dog with your purchase of the DNA My Dog easy and painless 1-minute Canine DNA Cheek Swab Kit.

Your DNA My Dog kit will be shipped within 1 business day. When you receive your kit it will include everything you need to send us back your dog's DNA sample for testing.

Results usually take up to two weeks from receipt of your sample.

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THANKS FOR ORDERING! We look forward to having your results soon and appreciate you testing your dog with us. Everything you need is in the kit including a full set of instructions, envelopes, your customer ID number, swabs and information for including a photo for your certificate, if you wish. Your customner ID number lets you track your test and see your results immediately online. Results and custom certificates are mailed shortly after.
Your dog’s full breed composition.
Unique personality traits of your dog.
Genetic health concerns.
Predisposition to disease.
Plus, much, much more!



A custom photo certificate of your dog’s breed composition.
A percentage breakdown of each level of each breed found in your dog’s unique DNA.
A report on your dog´s dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.


Thank you!